Healthy Recipes To Get You Excited For Spring

Easy Spring Cooking 

After the dark, cold days of winter start to fade away, food-lovers can rejoice as a whole raft of new vegetables come into season giving us all a break from the endless roots and brassicas we’ve become accustomed to in the winter months. Our food starts to lighten up, bringing with it colour and optimism, as longer, brighter days give us all renewed energy. Soon we’ll see asparagus, sprouting broccoli, spring garlic, salads of all shapes and sizes. Sweet peas and peppery radishes will pop with fresh flavour. Early fruits will appear too: forced rhubarb, early strawberries, gooseberries. Though not native to the UK, we’ll start to see mangoes, lemons, limes and pineapples come into season in their countries of origin. 

Low calorie gluten free rhubarb cake being eaten 

Healthy spring recipes

Keeping those meals lighter still is the ever trusty Lo-Dough range. Our versatile Original Bases, Southern Style Coating and our cake mixes are the starting point for 100’s of fantastic spring meals using the aforementioned produce above. There is always spring lamb too, but we will largely be concentrating on vegetarian spring recipes.

Spring Dinner Recipes: 

Artichoke & Spinach Pizza

Low calorie gut health spinach and artichoke pizza on a plate

Rich in fibre and full of flavour, this healthy pizza is good for your gut health and your taste buds alike. 

Salmon & Garlic Butter Veg

Keto breaded salmon dinner recipe

A simple and delicious keto spring recipe made with our Southern style coating. You can also make this in your air fryer too. 

Broccoli Salad

Harissa Broccoli Spring Salad

Salads get a bad reputation for being boring or restrictive, but really it's all about fresh ingredients and awesome dressing. This harissa broccoli salad has both! 

Asparagus Quiche

Low calorie gluten free asparagus quiche

Spring is asparagus season, and this low calorie and gluten free quiche idea is the perfect recipe to celebrate these delicious shoots.  

Easy Light Spring Dessert Recipes 

For those with a sweet tooth, spring is a great time to satisfy those cravings in a healthy way. Check out some of our favourite spring dessert recipes, using the best the season has to offer. All of our gluten free desserts are perfect for spring sweets and treats!

Lemon Cheesecake

Low carb gluten free lemon cheesecake dessert recipe

Sharp and zingy, this low calorie cheesecake is the perfect spring dessert for any meal.

Rhubarb Cake with Custard

Low calorie gluten free rhubarb cake

Foods can bring back nostalgic memories in a single bite — this gluten free rhubarb cake does just that. Think of a tasty cakey version of rhubarb and custard sweets. 

Mixed Fruit Mug Cake

Low calorie low carb fruit mug cake recipe

Breakfast or quick and easy spring dessert, this healthy mixed fruit mug cake is perfect for either. Plus, it takes 3 minutes in the microwave. 

Lemon Meringue Pie

low sugar lemon meringue pie dessert recipe

Lovers of lemon desserts will be obsessed with this low sugar lemon meringue pie. Its sweet, tangy and under 2g sugar per quarter.