How Lo-Dough Fits Into Your Gluten Free Diet

The ultimate gluten free bread replacement when dieting

Lo-Dough is a gluten-free bread and pastry alternative which allows people who are gluten intolerant to enjoy freedom with food. Gluten-free pizzas, pies, quiches and wraps are just some of the things you can make with our Lo-Dough bases. Gluten intolerance no longer has to mean miserable restrictions, because frankly, life is too short.

low carb gluten free pizza with Lo-Dough bases

If you have coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis you have to avoid gluten for life. Screening studies suggest that one in 100 people have coeliac disease in the UK, yet only 30% of the people with the condition have been diagnosed. Meaning that roughly half a million people in the UK are currently undiagnosed.

Obvious sources of gluten include foods that contain traditional flour such as, bread, pasta, cereal, cakes and biscuits. However, Lo-Dough isn't produced with traditional wheat flour - making it a perfect gluten-free ingredient for your favourite meals. 

Lo-Dough contains wheat fibre - how can it be gluten free?

A commonly asked question we get is:

“how can Lo-Dough contain wheat fibre and also be a gluten free product?”

The answer is simple. Lo-Dough uses a dietary fibre which is made from the wheat plant, and has been certified gluten-free in line with the UK and European legislation. This means it has been officially certified to contain less than 20mg/kg of gluten. In fact, the wheat fibre we use in our bases falls below a gluten level of 10mg/kg.

Important: If you have a severe wheat allergy we do not recommend using Lo-Dough as some of the other wheat-based allergens may still be present.

How Lo-Dough works on a gluten free diet 

gluten free bread

Lo-Dough has changed the lives of people on a gluten-free diet, because it opens the door towards foods which are usually off the menu. It's high in fibre and protein as well as being gluten-free, dairy-free, and super low carb (2.2g per piece). This not only means that you can put pizza back on the menu (Lo-Dough makes a fantastic pizza base) - you can make some wonderful gluten-free desserts, quiche dishes, wraps and toasties to name a few. Check out the how to use Lo-Dough guide for more info.

Gluten free Recipe 1. Artichoke & Spinach Pizza

gluten free pizza

The number of gluten-free pizzas you can make with a Lo-Dough base is endless, but this Artichoke & Spinach pizza has been a particular favourite - not least because it's also super low calorie, veggie-friendly and high fibre.

It's easy to rustle up, full of healthy vitamins and is likely to be a winner on any gluten-free dinner table. 

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Gluten Free Recipe 2. Quiche Lorraine

gluten free quiche

Gluten-free quiche! Lo-Dough bases are the perfect gluten-free pastry alternative, with a fraction of the calories. This classic Quiche Lorraine recipe is one on our all-time favourites and we're sure it'll be yours too - you need is a baking tray to get started. Enjoy a slice for 175 kcals and under 3g carbs.

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Gluten Free Recipe 3. Black Forest Gateau Cake 

gluten free chocolate cakeDelicious, gluten-free cakes are often hard to come by, and those which you do find are usually packed with calories and sugar. However, with little help from our Lo-Dough brownie mix, you can create your favourite chocolatey variations while cutting out gluten and massively reducing calories and sugar

This Black Forest Gateau cake is perfect for that chocolate fix, yet is gluten-free and contains under 200 calories per slice. 

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Gluten Free Recipe 4. Chicken Kiev 

Gluten free chicken kiev

Our Southern style coating is perfect for all of your breading needs - be them chicken, cheese, vegetables and more. it's completely gluten-free and lower in both calories and fat than other coatings and pre-made breaded products.  

If you're a garlic lover then this Chicken Kiev recipe is the one for you! It's succulent, filled with delicious homemade garlic butter and, best of all, and won't cause you to bloat. 

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Gluten Free Recipe 5. Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Low carb gluten free blueberry muffins on a plate

Our Vanilla Sponge Mix is a flourless cake mix —completely gluten-free and lower in both calories, carbs, sugar and fat than other cake mixes and cakes

Our simple muffin recipe makes for a perfect treat. Serve au natural or with yoghurt for a simple, delicious breakfast, or top with icing and serve as a special treat. 

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