What is the Ultimate Pizza Cheese?

Is it all about mozzarella?  

When thinking about all of the traditional styles of pizzas - Neapolitan, Romangia, NY slice, Chicago deep dish - the common dairy denominator is more often than not mozzarella cheese. This subtle yet delicious cheese adds a creamy taste and a stringy texture to our favourite pizza pies. 

Harking back as far as the 16th Century, the most classic and well-known of this cheese is Buffallo Mozzarella, traditionally made from rich Buffalo milk. Although the most familiar and recognisable - is this the best cheese for your pizza? We’re going to explore our favourite pizza cheeses for all occasions.  

Low calorie pizza


Use amongst ingredients with strong flavours - be them spicy, sweet, or umami. Mozzarella cheese has quite a neutral, creamy taste and melts really easily making it the perfect subtle companion to other dominant toppings. You can also find some great low fat mozzarella if you’re looking to reduce the fat and calorie content of your meal. 

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low carb cheddar pizza


A higher fat cheese than mozzarella and, if using mature cheddar, packs more of a punch. The sharp flavour of cheddar is great in marrying together other intense flavours, e.g. marmite, pesto, but is also great to bring up the flavour of some more subtle taste, e.g pumpkin puree.

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Low calorie goat's cheese pizza

Goats Cheese

Another strong tasting cheese however with a little more subtlety than cheddar, Goat’s cheese marries perfectly with earthy flavours - think beetroot or other root vegetables - making it a great addition to a colourful veggie pizza. 

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low calorie fig pizza


For this strong, mature cheese a balance of sweet and salty works wonders. Although out of season, the combination of figs & gorgonzola is a match made in heaven! 

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Low calorie hummus flatbread


Often used in a lot of greek salads and Middle-Eastern cuisine, this deliciously crumbly cheese doesn’t often find its way onto pizza. However, on baked flatbreads with some hummus, olives and sun-dried tomatoes - it’s an absolute treat! 

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Low carb halloumi pizza


When thinking of the perfect cheese for your pizza, we doubt halloumi would make the shortlist. Its lack of meltability doesn’t lend itself to the perfect Instagrammable cheese stretch, however, this deliciously salty cheese shouldn’t be overlooked and works beautifully with other Mediterranean inspired ingredients such as roasted tomatoes and olives.  

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Low carb brie and bacon pizza


Although probably one of the more left-field cheese options for a pizza, its deliciousness is in no way dampened. To get the most from this creamy cheese on your pizza, combine with bacon and cranberry for a festive feast. Merry Christmas! 

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The verdict? There’s no one cheese to rule them all. At Lo-Dough HQ, they all have a place at the dinner table for different occasions. Some cheeses have a lower fat content and others will smell to the high heavens, but at the end of the day it’s all down to personal preference. 

The Best Low Calorie Pizza Base

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