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5 Brilliant High Fibre Breakfasts

5 Brilliant High Fibre Breakfasts

High-fibre breakfasts that are low in calories and carbs

Starting your day with Lo-Dough is easy and will contribute a minimum of one-third of your daily recommended fibre intake in one sitting. Start your day as you mean to go on! 

Mushrooms on French Toast

Mushrooms on French Toast

For a classic breakfast/brunch dish, you could do a lot worse than creamy mushrooms on toast. Garlicky, herby, creamy and strong with the flavour of assorted wild and common mushrooms, this one is a taste sensation. With Lo-Dough we bring it up another notch by serving the mushrooms on beautiful, savoury french toast, flecked with finely grated parmesan.

18g fibre


Banana Waffles

Low Calorie Banana Waffles

If you are looking to start your morning with something special, you could do a heck of a lot worse than these sweet banana waffles. 

Crispy on the outside, fluffy-in-the-middle waffles, sliced banana, a dose of low-calorie syrup.

11g fibre


Breakfast Pan Sandwich

Breakfast Pan Sandwich high fibre

Nothing beats a solid breakfast to get the day off to a good start - on our take on the bacon, sausage and egg butty (with added cheese and tomato) will do just that! The only difference is - ours is low in carbs, low in calories and packed with so much fibre that it will stave off hunger for the rest of the morning! 

10g fibre


Scotch Pancakes 

Scotch Pancakes

Thick and fluffy, these pancakes are much more like American-style pancakes - otherwise known as drop-scones, as opposed to thin crepe-like versions more traditionally served in the UK. Lightly sweetened, they are yet another fantastic breakfast option from Lo-Dough's recipe catalogue. 

9g fibre


Raspberry & Blackberry Mug Cake 

Raspberry & Blackberry Mug Cake low calorie

These blackberry and raspberry mug cakes are deliciously low in calories and make for a substantial breakfast dish, snack or even an evening treat.

10g fibre