10 Low Calorie Lunch Ideas

Quick and easy lunches that are healthy, delicious & low calorie.

Lunch can be one of the most delicious, yet frustrating time of the day. We are often bombarded by choice and frequently opt for the same thing day after day, as it's easy and convenient. When buying food out, you can easily find yourself spending upwards of £5-6 on 'healthy lunch options' that are likely to leave you feeling unsatisfied! Check out these super simple recipes that will not only be a tasty and healthy change to your lunchbox; they will also save you money


Give us a quiche!

It's no secret that we are big fans of quiche here at Lo-Dough HQ. It's a great low-calorie, low-carb lunch option which takes no time at all to prep. It also helps you get the most out of your Lo-Dough bases - as each quiche serves 2-4 people (depending on how hungry you are!). Enjoy hot out of the oven, or cold the next day in your lunchbox with a fresh salad. Check out our Quiche Perfection Guide to make the ultimate Lo-Dough quiche.

low calorie lunch ideas 


Red Pepper, Spinach and Feta Quiche

low calorie lunch

A light and colourful quiche that will add some brightness to your life on those dark winter days! The sharp creaminess of the feta with the sweetness of the red pepper is a match made in heaven.

Get the recipe here.


Mediterranean Veggie Quiche 

vegetarian quiche

Add a bit of excitement to your veggie meals. Enjoy yours with a balsamic-drizzled side salad for a proper tasty and low-calorie lunch that will keep you satisfied for the whole day. 

Get the recipe here.


Roast Chicken and Broccoli Quiche

low calorie meal prep

If you have some leftovers from a Sunday dinner, a quiche is a fantastic way of breathing new life into them. We added some roast chicken and a little cooked broccoli, as well as a few fresh chives - perfect filling ingredients for a midweek quiche treat and just 184 calories and 3.5g of carbs per portion.

Get the recipe here.


Low Calorie Quiche Lorraine

low carb quiche 

The classic Quiche Lorraine, with a delicious and healthy twist. This quiche is still packed with bacon, tomato & sharp cheddar cheese - yet contains just 175 calories and 2.3g of carbs per quarter.

Get the recipe here.


Vegetarian Enchiladas 

vegetarian recipes

Top tip: when you're making these veggie enchiladas, make an extra portion to have for lunch the next day. You can refrigerate/freeze them and reheat and they taste just as delicious (if not more!). Just 170 calories per portion - we'd have ours with a hearty mixed leaf salad and a few jalapeños on top!

Get the recipe here.


On-plan Lasagne

low carb lasagne

This is another recipe that tastes just as good the day after as it does as soon as it's cooked. Simply swap out your lasagne sheets for Lo-Dough bases to create a delicious low-calorie, low-carb alternative to this family favourite. 

Get the recipe here.


Lo-Dough BLT

low carb blt

One of the nation's favourite sandwich filling combos. To put a healthy twist on this classic, simply swap out your normal sliced bread for a Lo-Dough base to significantly reduce the calories and carbs, while also boosting your fibre.

Get the recipe here.


Banh Mi Wrap

low calorie lunch

Bored of the usual lunchtime sandwich options? We hear you! Which is why we have created this Vietnamese-inspired Banh Mi wrap. Marinated chicken breast, loads of pickled veg and some chicken pâté for an extra savoury protein kick. A serious flavour explosion and all for under 400 calories.

Get the recipe here.


Katsu Chicken Wrap

low calorie wrap

Made famous in a lot of people's minds by Wagamamas, this Chicken Katsu wrap has got everything you love, just with a healthier spin. Cut the calories and carbs of your breaded chicken even further by using blitzed up Lo-Dough as the crispy coating.

Get the recipe here.


Falafel Wrap

high fibre recipes

Falafel wraps are one of our favourite go-to vegetarian lunch options. It's so simple, and when you add loads of fresh salad and homemade hummus in the mix you know your onto a winner! This tasty wrap is not only low in calories, it helps your gut by providing you with half of your daily recommended fibre. 

Get the recipe here.