Breakfast Sandwiches Under 500 Calories

Low calorie breakfast sandwiches to start your Day as you mean to go on

Breakfast sandwiches are one of the nations favourites we aren’t surprised. It’s the delicious energy hit you need in the morning in a tasty, hand-held package. Alas, for those watching their calorie and carb intake, they can be a little bit heavy on both. A lot of that is down to the bread - make no mistake, if you want the delicious tasty stuff inside the sandwich, you’re gonna need to swap that bread out.

Healthy breakfast sandwich with sausage and cheese

Swap out the bread and save on calories 

Enter Lo-Dough, the amazing low-carb bread replacement. 

Lo-Dough wraps are different. At just 2.2 carbs and 39 calories per wrap, there is nothing else quite like it. Not to mention that each wrap contains a whopping 9.3g fibre - more than any bowl of cereal will carry. With Lo-Dough you get healthy, low-carb breakfast sandwiches - breakfast with benefits!

Below, we’ve got some amazing high fibre and high protein breakfast recipes, guaranteed to keep you satisfied until lunchtime. 

Low carb breakfast toastie on a white plate

Low-Carb Croque Madame

433 calories

A French classic. Eggs, ham, cheese; what’s not to love? Check out our low-carb breakfast version here.

Full Recipe: Low-Carb Croque Madame

Low calorie breakfast stack

Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

319 calories

Take a sandwich and stack it up tower style. Make a full English the Lo-Dough way for an amazing healthy breakfast.

Full Recipe: Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

Low calorie breakfast sandwich cross section

Low-Carb Breakfast Pan Sandwich

511 calories

Finish your sausage cheese and bacon Lo-Dough sandwich in a frying pan for an oozy, melty, low-carb breakfast delight.

Full Recipe: Low-Carb Breakfast Pan Sandwich

Low calorie vegetarian breakfast sandwich

Low-Cal Veggie Breakfast Stack

499 calories

Did someone say veggie-style full English? We’ve got it right here, in its amazing low-calorie form.

Full Recipe: Low-Cal Veggie Breakfast Stack 

Low calorie bacon and cheese Lo-Dough toasted wrap

Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket

244 calories

Simple, tasty and possibly the best of all - a low carb bacon butty, embellished with a little melted cheese.

Full Recipe: Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket

Low calorie sweet breakfast sandwich

Low-Calorie Sweet Breakfast Pan Sandwich

250 calories

Something sweet? Well, if you like your breakfast fruity, this incredible sweet breakfast sandwich might just be the ticket.

Full Recipe: Low-Calorie Sweet Breakfast Pan Sandwich