Light Lunch Ideas | Lo-Dough Recipes

Light Lunch Recipes That You Will Love

When it comes to lunch, convenience is often king. If it’s quick and easy it’ll do. Well, that’s perfectly understandable and all well and good, but if following a calorie controlled weight loss diet, a keto diet, a gluten free diet or watching what you eat for any other reason, finding quick easy lunches can require that little bit more thought. 

Simple, light lunch ideas

Using Original Lo-Dough Bases We’ve come up with a spread of recipes that satisfy four main criteria

  • Simple to prepare
  • Tasty as heck
  • Low carb and/or low-calorie
  • Gluten free

Some can be prepared the night before or at the weekend, ready to enjoy at your convenience. Others can be made in minutes, the moment hunger strikes. From pre-prepared pastries to perfect pizza, wonderful wraps to lip-licking lasagnes, we’ve got some amazing options for you to choose from.

Homemade lunch ideas for work

Check out these recipes designed to box up and take into the office. Every one of them is a winner, satisfying either low-calorie or low-carb diets with the greatest of ease. Keto light lunches? Any one of these recipes can be customised to provide the perfect low-carb, high-fat, medium-protein balance. 

Low Calorie Quiche Lorraine 


Lo-Dough quiche Lorraine on a wooden board


This classic quiche is a picnic food staple, but if made ahead of time works perfectly with a fresh salad and some sacks alongside in your lunchbox. 

Ham, Brie & Mustard Mayo Wrap


Lo-Dough ham and brie wrap cross section on a wooden board


A quick and easy working lunch that takes a matter of minutes to prep. This keto wrap may be low in both calories and carbs but it packs a serious flavour punch. 

Salmon Quiche


Keto salmon quiche with a slice cut out


Be the envy of your colleagues with this incredible quiche. Made ahead, a Lo-Dough quiche will keep in the fridge for up to three days and so could provide part of an evening meal and a lunch or two, depending on how big a portion you fancy! 

Roasted Vegetables and Feta Wrap

With the changing of seasons, this bright and healthy vegetarian lunch wrap is the perfect way to make the most of this colourful summer produce. 

Light recipes for lunch at home

If you’ve adopted a work from home, hybrid-working approach, you can throw together a wrap, toastie or pizza at home in minutes. Check out this selection of low calorie homemade lunch ideas, that can be yours in moments. 

The 170 kcal Ham and Mushroom Pizza

That’s right. 170kcal for the whole pizza! Serve with salad for a light and perfectly balanced lunch meal.

Brie and Spinach Toastie

This keto light lunch idea is heaven sent. Veggie keto no less, this toastie contains just 5g of carbs. 

Peri Peri Chicken Wrap

The simplest use of Lo-Dough by miles, use our original base to make a fresh wrap in seconds. You couldn’t go far wrong with this super low calorie Peri Peri chicken idea for a perfect light lunch. 

Low Carb Chicken and Bacon Club

If you don’t have a toastie or panini press, don’t worry. You can make delicious low carb Lo-Dough toasties easily in a pan. Simply pop a weighted plate or pan on top of your sandwich to get the perfect melt.