What's Your Spirit Pizza?

Our Guide To The Lo-Dough Pizza That Best Suits Your Personality!

Check out our fun guide to the pizza that best fits you - or as we like to think of it, your 'Spirit Pizza'... 

Hot Stuff!

P.A.R.T.Y animal. Dancefloor superstar who’s hot-to-trot. A fearless freewheeler who takes it all the way up to 11. Never knowingly winced at a dare. You are often the reason house parties get 2 am visits by community support officers. Jumps headfirst into shallow pools. Do not try this at home.     

Your spirit pizza is a spicy American Hot!

Low Carb Pizza


You don’t like to rock the boat... reliable... dependable. You try not to get into arguments. It’s 2020 and you somehow still have no opinion on Brexit. But fundamentally, people like you and that’s nice. 

Your spirit pizza is Margherita

Low-Carb Pizza


Animal lover. A concerned citizen. You’re happy, healthy and have a colourful, rosy outlook on life. You’re often right about a lot of things and people broadly respect you. Frankly, it’s annoying... but only because it makes the rest of us feel guilty.

Your spirit pizza is a Green Veg Pizza!

Low Calorie PIzza

Total Gym-Head!

You’re pumped for life and you pump some serious iron too. Always wearing lycra and/or a vest. Will never leave the house without deodorant. Chooses a fist bump over a handshake. To you, everyone is ‘bro’. Even your mum. 

Your spirit pizza is a BBQ Chicken!  

Low Calorie Pizza


You drive around with a crystal on the dashboard of your car and have a part-time mobile feng shui business on the side of your regular job. Your best friend is named after a celestial object. Star or Moon or whatever… Sorry, I got distracted. In short - you do life slightly differently. 

Your spirit pizza is Fig, Blue Cheese & Prosciutto Pizza!  

Low-Calorie Pizza

Rule Breaker!

You have travelled extensively. You don’t see borders as boundaries and you ain't afraid to shock people. Mix and match is the order of the day for you!  You’d wear a maxi-dress with trainers or a tracksuit with brogues, no problem.   

Your spirit pizza is Chicken Katsu Pizza!

Low-Calorie Pizza


Not afraid of controversy, you're a strong-minded maverick. When given two options, you’ll opt for your own third choice. Half the people you meet don’t like you and you simply couldn’t give a damn. Plays with matches in petrol station forecourts. 

Your spirit pizza is a Hawaiian!

Low-Cal Pizza

In the end, it doesn't matter what your spirit pizza is... if you make it with Lo-Dough, you'll be guaranteed an indulgent, low-calorie, low-carb, high-fibre treat!