10 Pizza Recipes Under 350 Calories

Low-calorie pizza has never tasted so good.

Pizza is one of the nation's favourites. In fact, in one national survey taken on Britain's favourite takeaway, pizza was declared the champion. By making yours with a Lo-Dough base, you can still enjoy all of your favourite flavours & toppings while keeping the calories at bay. Check out some of our favourite low-calorie pizza recipes below. 


Classic Cheese & Tomato - 303 kcals

Low Calorie Pizza

A pizzeria classic with a low-calorie twist. You just can't beat the combo of rich tomato sauce, mozzarella & fresh basil


Green Veg Pizza - 286 kcals 

Low Calorie Vegetarian Pizza

A simple and delicious way to get nutritious green veg in your diet! This recipe not only helps you get your 5-a-day, it also contains over 1/3 of your daily recommended fibre. All helping to contribute to a happy gut


Spicy Hot Sauce Pizza - 337 kcals 

Low Calorie Pizza

Hands up hot sauce lovers *the crowd goes wild*. Us too.

This pizza definitely packs a punch. Spicy salami, fresh red chilli, zingy hot sauce, but believe us, you will be crawling past the heat for another slice! 


Veggie Supreme Pizza - 290 kcals 

Low Calorie Veggie Pizza

The definition of eating the rainbow. This low-calorie veggie pizza has it all - peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, red onion, olives - it's just an added bonus that you can have the whole lot for under 300 calories


Tuna & Sweetcorn Pizza - 322 kcals 

Low Calorie Pizza

Much like pineapple, sweetcorn is another divisive pizza topping addition. Well, we say it's horses for courses and, when paired up with salty tuna and rich mozzarella cheese, the addition is a thoroughly sound one! 


Puttanesca Pizza - 345 kcals 

Low Calorie Pizza

Puttanesca sauce, from Naples is a sauce made using a whole host of strong, sharp ingredients. Anchovies, olives, capers, chilli, garlic, lemon (juice and zest) and parsley are all mixed into a passata to create what is traditionally served as a pasta sauce. We used adapted it as a pizza sauce and the result is pure low-calorie deliciousness! 


Fitness Goals Pizza - 265 kcals 

High Protein Pizza

The perfect post-workout pizza. We've come up with a fab low-calorie, low-carb, high protein pizza that will work as hard for you nutritionally as you do in the gym physically. Just 265 calories in the whole lot. 


Mediterranean Veg Pizza - 290 kcals

Low Calorie Vegetarian Recipe

One bite of this pizza and you will be transported instantly to sunnier climbs! We've swapped out the usual tomato base for a rich roasted red pepper purée which, when paired with roasted Mediterranean veg, moves you very close indeed to low calorie pizza heaven. 


Hawaiian Pizza - 340 kcals 

Low Calorie Pizza

It's the pizza combination that divides us all. Ham and pineapple. Fruit? On Pizza? Well here at Lo-Dough, we think a Hawaiian pizza can be a thing of beauty and now you can enjoy this sweet & salty sensation for far fewer calories. 


Cheesy Garlic Bread - 264 kcals 

Low Calorie Garlic Bread

There's nothing quite like cheesy garlic bread. It is one of the ultimate comfort foods - on its own, as a side (great with soups, stews etc). We love you garlic bread. 


Want to make the best Lo-Dough pizza possible?

Making a Lo-Dough pizza is incredibly easy and quick, but a few rules need to be followed for pizza perfection. Check out our super-simple 'Pizza 101' guide below.