11 Quick High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Although a bit of cliche, we wholeheartedly agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Getting plenty of protein into your morning meal provides you with a healthy boost of nutrients to keep you energised and satisfied until lunch. Packing in the protein helps to reduce appetite and stave of hunger, partly because protein reduces the levels of your hunger hormone ghrelin. As a result, high protein meals can also help to reduce your desires and cravings for snacks. It’s a win win. Below you can find our best high protein breakfast recipes to keep your belly happy until lunchtime. 


Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

Veggie Breakfast Stack

A great veggie sausage, grilled cheesy mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and wilted spinach fill up the layers of our savoury French toast stack. The whole thing is topped with a perfect fried egg, with an oozy runny yolk. Although this is a veggie breakfast, it's still packed with a whopping 41g protein.  


High protein French Toast

Low Carb Smoke Salmon French Toast

For those on low-calorie or low-carb diets, the hack here is to swap your toast for Lo-Dough, or in this case Lo-Dough French toast. It doesn't stop there, this one is high protein and high fibre too (not to mention healthy omega 3 fats).  


High protein french toast

French Toast Breakfast Stack

All of your favourite breakfast items in one place, what’s not to love? This is the ultimate fry up hack, and by switching out the bread for a Lo-Dough base, you can enjoy all of this for under 500 calories. 

High protein pancakes

Scotch Pancakes With Bacon 

Scotch pancakes, bacon and syrup. Doesn't sound like it's gonna be low-carb, does it? Well, by using blitzed Lo-Dough as your flour replacement and drizzling ultra low-sugar fibre syrup, you can have this delicious breakfast on a low carb or keto diet - with the dish coming in at just 7g of carbs. 


Low carb avocado french toast

Smashed Avocado On French Toast

A delicious and easy way to boost your protein and healthy fats in the morning. Soak your base overnight for optimal flavour and texture. This will also reduce the make time on this recipe so you can enjoy a quick high protein breakfast in no time. 


High protein quiche

Low Carb Smoked Salmon Quiche

Eggs and smoked salmon are a classic flavour combination at breakfast time. Not only does this pairing give you a protein packed start to the day, the smoked salmon also provides your brain and body with essential healthy fats and omega 3. 


High protein breakfast sandwich

Low Carb Breakfast Pan Sandwich 

Our take on the classic bacon and sausage butty, without the added carbs. Once you've finished making this, you can wrap your pan sandwich in some foil for a nutritious high protein breakfast on the go.  


High protein waffles

Low Calorie Bacon & Syrup Waffles

Not everyone agrees with mixing sweet and salty, but trust us, it works a treat with these high protein waffles. Don't have a waffle iron? Not to worry. We bake our waffles in silicon moulds in the oven. They couldn't be easier! 


Low carb breakfast toastie

Low Carb Croque Madame 

The key to our low-carb toastie is to use Lo-Dough and to swap our the flour-based roux for a little creme fraiche. By making these two switches, your indulgent toastie clocks in at just 3g carbohydrate for the lot. We've put this down as a breakfast, but could easily be a tasty high protein lunch idea too!  


High protein breakfast sandwich

The Lo-Dough Breakfast Stack

Our take on the McDonald's breakfast stack. Sausage patty, egg, crispy bacon, and even a Lo-Dough fritter for good measure. This will cure even the meanest of hangovers and is a great low carb, high protein breakfast.  

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