Best Pizzas For Summer | Low Calorie Pizzas To Enjoy Alfresco

Summer pizza toppings to make the most of bright, seasonal vegetables 

Who’s kidding who? Pizza is a versatile, all-year-round dish, but in the summer time, there are a few wonderful additions that can bring it perfectly into season. 

For a start, with tomatoes at their very best, it might be time to make your own sauce. If you grow your own, even better - this is a great way of getting through a bumper crop to create something to store for the months to come. Or if buying from the supermarket, now is when tomatoes are in their prime, bursting with flavour and colour.  

Fresh, Low Calorie Tomato Sauce

Homemade roasted tomato pizza sauce

It’s not just tomatoes. Through spring and summer, numerous vegetables really come into their own - from spring onions to asparagus, peppers and sprouting broccoli, you name it! The veg garden and shop shelves are abundant with the best of the season.  

Cooking on a pizza stone or in an outdoor oven

This is a super fun, simple and quick way to cook pizzas. You’ll need a pizza stone or a sturdy tray (the base of a pizza oven will be too hot for Lo-Dough), but a quick 4 minute blast in a super hot outdoor oven should be plenty. Similarly, if you have a lid for your BBQ, you can turn it into an outdoor oven. Again, place the pizza on a stone or tray before covering with the lid.

Both methods add a lovely subtle smokiness to your pizza, but also allow you to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and some sun on your back.

Low Calorie pizza or Low Carb pizza?

Well, the choice is yours, but in reality, a pizza made with Lo-Dough will likely satisfy both dietary styles. For low carbers, you might think about using fatty meats with your summer veg, possibly even swapping out passata for a creme fraiche ‘blanco’ (white) base, especially if following a super strict keto regime. Dressing your finished pizza with a good drizzle of healthy extra virgin olive oil for some additional healthy fats.

If sticking to a low calorie diet, watch for the additional fats, but not too much - remember, Lo-Dough is taking a huge percentage of the calories out (2/3 of a pizzas calories are found in the base!), so you can still enjoy an indulgent, cheesy pizza and keep those calories low. 

Best Summer Pizzas

Roast Summer Veg Low Calorie Pizza

By combining the best veg of the season with a classic Lo-Dough pizza, we've come up with an incredible summer treat: a low calorie and low carb pizza that maxes out on flavour.

Low calorie vegetarian summer pizza with roasted vegetables

Low Calorie BBQ Veggie Pizza

When the sun's out, there is nothing better than a good old barbecue. But, many people forget the veg. Charred up veg are delicious, nutritious and perfect to serve alongside or instead of meat. If you find yourself with any leftovers, throw them on a pizza. Fold and roll like we've done for an easier, portable outdoor eat! 

BBQ vegetarian Lo-Dough pizza roll with a bite out of it

Low-Calorie Fennel & Blue Cheese Pizza

If you are a fan of blue cheese and are in the market for something a little different on your pizza, you should definitely check this one out. A thin coating of soft cream cheese (we used Eatlean spreadable), a good layer of soft, caramelised fennel, blobs of good, strong dolcelatte in and around and crunchy, toasty walnuts - what a combination! 

Low carb low cheese and fennel Lo-Dough pizza on a board with a pizza cutter

Chilli, Prawn & Rocket Pizza

This Italian style flavour combo is the perfect warm weather, low-calorie pizza. Seafood pizza conjures up holidays in Italy to us here at Lo-Dough. For this incredible number, we've gone with chilli prawns and peppery rocket on a standard cheese and tomato style pizza. The result? Absolutely delicious!

Low carb prawn and chilli Lo-Dough pizza with a slice cut out

Low Calorie Mediterranean Veg Pizza

This Mediterranean pizza feast is something very special indeed. Instead of the usual tomato sauce, we have made a red-pepper puree and spread that over the base. When teamed up with grilled Mediterranean veg, the result is something very special indeed and will have you transported away to sunnier climes.

Low calorie Mediterranean vegetarian Lo-Dough pizza on a wooden board

Low Cal Mixed BBQ Meat Feast Pizza

Ok, 'leftover' BBQ meats might sound like a bit of a crazy concept... but try and keep a few scraps back for the next day if you can and make an amazing meat feast pizza, with an additional smokey edge. By making it on a Lo-Dough base, you'll slash the carbs, making this a healthy alternative and perfect for a low-carb or keto diet, as well as making it gluten free and surprisingly low-calorie. 

BBQ pork Lo-Dough pizza on a pizza stone

The Lo-Dough Veggie Supreme Pizza

Sweetcorn, mixed peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms, olives and a little chilli are all placed over a cheesed and sauced Lo-Dough base, giving you a perfect vegetarian meal, packed with fibre and healthy nutrients. There is a little chopping at the start, but it's well worth it for the mix of flavours and textures all the different vegetables bring to the pizza.

Low calorie Lo-Dough pizza with colourful mixed vegetables on wooden board

Nutritious Meat-Free Pizza (Goat's Cheese & Roasted Red Pepper)

This is a great one for the vegetarians or just those who like to limit their meat consumption. This is a super healthy goat's cheese and roasted red pepper pizza - perfect spring/summer colours and flavours. Topped with a little onion for bite and chilli for heat, this one weighs in at very agreeable 249 calories and 16g of protein and is quite frankly veggie pizza heaven.

Vegetarian roasted red pepper and goats cheese pizza on a Lo-Dough pizza base