Healthy Snack Ideas Under 100 Calories

While snacking on unhealthy foods can lead to weight gain, the opposite is also true. Some food plans may advise against snacking outside of three balanced meals per day, however many of us find that we need a little something in between to help keep our energy and focus up. Below you can find some of our favourite low-calorie snack recipes, all under 100 calories each. 

Lo-dough comparison facts

Consuming foods that are high in fibre and protein will help you feel more full and can reduce the overall calories you consume in the day. Containing of your daily recommended fibre, yet just 39 calories & 2.2g carbs per base, Lo-Dough is the perfect ingredient for healthy, low-calorie snacks. Got more of a sweet tooth? Not to worry. With our pre-prepared brownie mix, you only need to add water and bake and you get 9 chocolatey brownies for just 65 calories each. 

Onion Rings

67 kcals per 5 rings 

low calorie onion rings

Onion rings aren’t your classic healthy snack as they are usually deep-fried in oil and come with calorific coating. These are very different. By making yours with our Southern-style coating, you can keep all the delicious flavour of this classic side dish while reducing the calories and getting a healthy fibre kick. 

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54 Calorie Cracker Bread

54 calories per serving

low carb crackers

This cracker bread takes just 2 minutes in the microwave and helps provide you with ⅓ of your recommended daily fibre. Serve with some low-sugar salsa, hummus, or another dip of your choice for the perfect savoury snack.  

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Coconut Macaroons

29 kcals per macaroon

coconut macaroons

These moreish macaroons are perfect if you are need of something sweet but want to keep your sugar consumption down. By blitzing up a Lo-Dough base and combining with desiccated coconut, you can create these little drops of snowy goodness for under 30 calories each. 

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Strawberries & Cream Brownies

71 kcals per brownie 

low calorie strawberries brownies

Strawberries and cream is a classic flavour combination that strikes up images of summer and Wimbledon. Mix this combo with our super easy Brownie Mix and you’re onto a winner! Just 71 calories each. 

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Tear-and-share Sausage Rolls

67 calories per double roll

low calorie sausage rolls

Everything you love about sausage rolls, packaged up in a perfect, snack-sized bite. Just 67 calories each and gluten-free - we have said tear-and-share but will be impressed if you do! 

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Rocky Road Brownies

90 kcals per brownie

Rocky Road Brownie

Chocolate chips, marshmallows, biscuits - all for under 100 calories? These Rocky Road brownies are full of indulgence for a fraction of the calories. You might just have two...

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Courgette Fritters

258 kcals per 8 fritters

vegetarian fritters

These quick and tasty courgette fritters are the perfect snack or light meal. They are a little over 30 calories per fritter, have a short cooking time, and you only need a few ingredients to make them. Result. 

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Banana Brownies

77 kcals per brownie

low calorie banana brownies

Imagine banana bread with a fudgy, chocolatey twist. These brownies are sure to be a firm favourite without splitting opinions. They are full of fibre - over 8g - and under 80 calories per brownie.

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Peanut Butter Centred Brownies

88 kcals per brownie 

low calorie Peanut Butter brownies

If you’re looking for different ways to customise your brownie mix, a delicious layer of peanut butter in the middle could be just the sweet surprised you’re after. We used a low-calorie peanut butter powder mixed with water, helping to keep these under 90 calories each.

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Poppy Seed Cracker Bread

47 kcals per serving

low carb poppy seed cracker bread

By rolling out your Lo-Dough base as thin as possible and adding poppy seeds, herbs and onion salt, you can create a tasty, filling, fibre-rich cracker bread for a crazy 47 calories and 9g fibre for the lot. 

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PB Glazed Brownies

96 kcals per brownie

peanut butter brownies

Definitely one for the peanut butter lovers! These indulgent, peanut butter glazed brownies look far more calorific than they actually are. Coming in under 100 calories each and over 8g of fibre, these are the perfect sweet snack to keep you satisfied. 

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