Lo-Dough Meal Plan | Delicious Tasting Meals

Seriously satisfying meals to compliment any diet

This week's meal plan is a selection of our tastiest meals which are all low-calorie and packed with fibre! From indulgent pizzas made with our 39 calorie bases to low-sugar treats and mouth-watering breakfast ideas, there's plenty to get you inspired on this week's meal plan.

Low Carb Cauli-Cheese Pizza

Monday Dinner: Low Carb Cauli-Cheese Pizza

We've taken a comfort food classic and turned it into a pizza topping. Using creamy cauliflower puree instead of the usual passata and then topping with cheese and pieces of char-grilled cauliflower, this is a serious piece of business.

Full Recipe: Low Carb Cauli-Cheese Pizza

Low-Cal Ham & Brie Wrap with Mustard Mayo

Tuesday Lunch: Low-Cal Ham & Brie Wrap with Mustard Mayo

For the ultimate quick low-calorie lunch, you can't beat a Lo-Dough wrap. As far as fillings go, you can do a lot worse than ham and cheese! However, our ham and cheese is a bit special. Prime cuts of sliced ham, oozy French brie, sliced gherkins, mixed salad and a delicious English mustard mayo make this a wrap you'll definitely want to try!  

Full Recipe: Low-Cal Ham & Brie Wrap with Mustard Mayo

Low carb cubano toastie

Wednesday Dessert: Low-Calorie Chocolate Cake

If you like chocolate, then in all likelihood you like chocolate cake! Unlike most chocolate cakes, ours is not filled with carbs and sugar, but still wonderfully rich and sweet, making it the ultimate reduced calorie cake.

Full Recipe: Low-Calorie Chocolate Cake

Thursday Snack: Lemon Drizzle Cake Bar

We know first-hand how hard the afternoon slump hits sometimes. To pull you out of it and keep you satisfied throughout the rest of the day, one of our cake bars with your favourite brew is the perfect solution. Under 150 calories and 2g sugar for a massive cake bar, which is packed with gut-friendly fibre.

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Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket

Friday Breakfast: Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket

We all need a few simples recipes we can reach for... easy breakfast, quick lunches, etc. This Lo-Dough toastie pocket is just the kind of think. 1 piece of Lo-Dough, some cheese, some cooked bacon and a little spray oil are all you need to get this delicious treat onto your plate. 

Full Recipe: Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket

Carbonara Pizza

Saturday Dinner: Carbonara Pizza

Now, we're breaking the rules completely here and transporting these flavours away from pasta and onto a Lo-Dough pizza base. We hope we'll be granted a little artistic license by any traditionalists - we've used a little garlic and creme fraiche as the base sauce before adding, pancetta, mushrooms and mozzarella (it is the pizza version, after all), all finished off with an egg.

Full Recipe: Carbonara Pizza

Banana Pancake Stack With Low-Sugar Syrup

Sunday Breakfast: Banana Pancake Stack With Low-Sugar Syrup

Nothing much beats a stack of pancakes in the morning! With Lo-Dough you can enjoy this stack of 8 pancakes with banana and skinny syrup for just 367 kcal. Not only that, this meal will supply you 34 grams of protein and 21g of fibre - making it ideal as a post-morning-workout meal on a weekend!

Full Recipe: Banana Pancake Stack With Low-Sugar Syrup

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