Stews, Casseroles & Slow Cooking

Serve your slow-cooked meals & stews with low-carb Lo-Dough instead of pastry, potatoes and other refined carbs.

We've got some incredible autumn/winter recipes to warm your cockles in the colder weather. By combining your favourite stews, casseroles, ragus and other slow cooked, one pot recipes with Lo-Dough, you can make sure they a full-flavoured and hearty, but still lower in calories and carbs than they normally would be.

Slow-cooking is an incredibly important form of cooking. The meats used in stews and casserole and normally cheaper cuts of the animal - shin, neck, flank, cheeks etc - cuts from the forequarters of the animal. These muscles have largely done more work and as such have become tougher. They are full of connective tissue that requires long, slow cooking to break down and render them soft and tender. What you gain from this type of cooking is HUGE flavour and the most juicy, melt in the mouth meat possible. 

Another huge advantage to cooking stews and casseroles is the chance to either feed a crowd, or batch cook. As everything happens in one pot, it is no more effort to cook for 10 as it is for 2. Any additional portions you make can be frozen and stored for easy meals in the weeks/months to come. 

Lo-Dough can be used in several ways to replace the usual high carb/fat accompaniments served alongside these slow cooks. Thanks to it's incredibly high-fibre content, Lo-Dough is every bit as filling as those starchy, higher-carb foods. 


First up, check out this 5 ingredient stew/casserole - as simple as it could possibly get...

At just 273 calories per portion, this simple beef stew is a perfect winter warmer and when served with Lo-Dough, you'll have a tasty and filling meal. 

You could top your stew with Lo-Dough acting as a pastry replacement - our Steak and Stout (Guinness) pie is a great example of this and comes in at under 9g carbs per portion.

Alternatively, your stew could make for a great filled pasty or even an incredible crispy pancake.


Or how about another cold weather favourite, Lo-Dough lasagne? Our recipe swaps pasta for Lo-Dough and includes a great ragu recipe, as well as tips to alter the recipe depending on your diet. 



If you have ragu left over, another absolutely delicious use for this is to make a simple bolognese pizza for under 300 kcal.


If not a pizza, how about an incredible bolognese pan sandwich for just 348 kcals?

Chilli Con Carne

Check out our chilli con carne mother recipe - another recipe that unlocks several other fantastic Lo-Dough recipes. 

From this you could go in several directions - serving as we have here with a Lo-Dough garlic bread on the side, or how about as the topping on some nachos

If not nachos, check out this amazing salad and chilli bowl

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