Low-Calorie Meal Prep: Lo-Dough And Your Freezer

Get ahead and stock up your freezer with delicious low-calorie meals on a quiet weekend afternoon.

One of the great joys of meal prep is the comfort in knowing that you have something ready to eat, that is tasty, made to your spec and go to go on the days you don't feel like cooking. It's easier than you think too. Making a ten portion lasagne takes roughly the same amount of times as making a two portion version, so you'd be crazy not too. Make that lasagne with Lo-Dough and you have of delicious low calorie meals waiting for you in the days/weeks ahead.

Low calorie chicken lasagne

Chicken Arrabiata Lasagne is one such example. Or if vegetarian, our Creamy Mushroom Lasagne is a total winner too. Naturally, our Classic Beef Lasagne ticks all the boxes too. In all case, like pasta sheets, the Lo-Dough soaks up the sauce and holds the layers separate with a savoury, cheesy barrier. Unlike pasta, Lo-Dough is significant lower carb and lower calorie, so it's win win! Or if lasagne isn't floating your boat, what about that other Italian staple, Cannelloni?  

Low calorie Mexican meal prep

Low calorie enchiladas

Leaving Italy for a moment (don't worry, we'll head back there shortly), what about some Mexican favourites? There's enchiladas and quesadillas, which both work perfectly too. Even fajitas can be made, rolled frozen and reheated. As above, if making dinner for one or two, double or triple the amounts, saving you the effort on a busier day.

Low carb bakes, low cal quiches and gluten free gratins

Low calorie fish gratin with Lo-Dough Southern style coating

We also love to get our Southern Style Coating in on the freezer action. Our gratins and fish pie are perfect for this - make a large batch, portion into take away trays and freeze, ready to defrost and reheat in the oven at your convenience.

Low calorie low carb quiche

Quiche from frozen!

Similarly you can freeze our ever dependable quiches. In this case we like to freeze them uncooked - it keeps the eggs creamy and delicious and not double cooked. Line your tin with a baking sheet and some Lo-Dough, make your savoury egg custard filling and then carefully transfer to your freezer with the mix still raw. Then, when ready to eat, preheat your oven to 160C and cooking from frozen for 1 hour (double the standard cooking time). Et voila! One perfectly cooked, low calorie quiche is all yours! 

Pizza: the ultimate low cal meal prep

Low calorie slimming friendly pizza

So, as promised, back to Italy! If you are making a pizza for dinner and have all your pizza ingredients out in front of you, why not make a couple (or a few) extra. Once topped, just wrap in clingfilm and freeze. Low-calorie pizza perfection is ready from frozen in 10-12 mins. 

Low cal 'fried' chicken - have it waiting in the the freezer

Low calorie low fat breaded chicken

Wanna freeze up some of our incredible low-carb chicken (strips or pieces)? Well, egg and coat the raw chicken in our Southern Style Coating and stick it straight in the freezer in a tub or wrapped in brown paper. Cook from frozen following the usual recipe, adding 10-15 minutes on to ensure the chicken has thawed and cooked through. Check its fully cooked before consumed. Trust us - this works a treat - no dry chicken here!

Freeze your low-calorie cake too.

Low calorie low sugar cakes

If using our Vanilla Sponge Mix, make an extra cake, or freeze some pieces for future treats! Our cooked cake freezes brilliantly and loses nothing in the defrosting process.  

Lo-Dough itself can be frozen if desired

Though Lo-Dough is long-life, low-calorie bread when sealed in it's poach, once opened, it needs storing in the fridge and eating within three days. An alternative is to freeze the extra piece. This works brilliantly and an added bonus is they defrost in around 20-30 minutes.