Keto Pizza Recipes Under 10g Carbs

What's the best keto pizza base? 

When thinking of keto dinner recipes or low carb lunch ideas, pizza is generally off the table. Traditionally high in calories and chocked full of refined carbs, finding a pizza base that you can enjoy and remain in ketosis is tricky - unless you opt for cauliflower or of course make your own fathead dough or cloud bread. The latter tends to take up a lot of time and can still result in quite an average eating experience.

Homemade keto pizzas sauce spread Lo-Dough baseKeto recipes for beginners

Whether you're just starting your keto journey or are somewhat of a keto connoisseur, Lo-Dough makes it easy for you. By making your pizza with an Original Lo-Dough base, however, you keep the effort and carbs to minimum, while making tasty keto-friendly pizzas in under 15 minutes. If you're looking for quick and easy keto lunch ideas, you can't go far wrong with a Lo-Dough pizza. Our bases contain just over 2g carbs each and only 39 calories - leaving plenty of room for delicious toppings. You can find our top keto pizzas for under 10g carbs below. Want more than just pizza? Check out hundreds of our best low carb and keto recipes. 

Keto Chorizo & Mixed Veg Pizza

7g carbs (418 kcal)

Low carb chorizo pizza

Life's just better with chorizo, right? We've added some jalapeños to this one for those who like their protein-packed pizzas on the spicier side. 

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Gut-Heathy Artichoke & Spinach Pizza

8g Carbs (347 kcal)

keto vegetarian artichoke pizza

This pizza is a delicious vegetarian keto dinner waiting to happen. At almost half of your daily fibre, this is also a great gut health recipe too. 

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Keto Carbonara Pizza

10g carbs (455 kcal)

low carb keto carbonara pizza

All of the rich and salty flavours from your favourite pasta dish in a pizza. This awesome high protein keto pizza will be a staple from the first slice, trust us!

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Low-Carb Garlic Mushroom Pizza

8g carbs (403 kcal)

Low carb mushroom pizza

This 'shroomy pizza provide you with a multitude of healthy B-Vitamins while keeping it low carb and high fat - plus the combination of garlic and mushrooms is always a winner in our books!

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Low-Carb Halloumi Pizza

8g carbs (382 kcal)

Keto halloumi pizza

One for the halloumi lovers! You don't often find this deliciously salty cheese on pizzas, but trust us, it works a treat and is the perfect high protein, vegetarian dinner idea too. 

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Low-Carb Aubergine Bianca Pizza

9g carbs (437 kcal)

keto vegetarian bianca pizza

No tomato, no problem. This low carb bianca pizza breaks the rules of the traditional toppings. Creme fraiche base, griddled aubergine, fresh pesto - this is vegetarian keto pizza heaven. 

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Low-Carb Meatball Pizza

10g carbs (419 kcal)

Low carb meatball pizza

The ultimate keto pizza fakeaway Try making your mini meatballs with our Southern Style Coating - it binds them beautifully and adds another level of seasoning. 

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Low-Carb Ham & Mushroom Pizza

5g carbs (300 kcal)

Keto friendly ham and mushroom pizza

A classic pizza combo with a low carb twist. Simplicity is the order of the day with this recipe - top your Lo-Dough base with some high quality ham & mushrooms for the best eating experience. 

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Keto Meat Feast Pizza

5g carbs (436 kcal)

keto Meat Feast Pizza Low carb

A meat lovers' dream! Packed with spicy mince beef, pepperoni, ham, chicken breast - all for 90% fewer carbs than a regular takeaway alternative. 

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Low-Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

5g carbs (303 kcal)

Low carb cheese pizza

Satisfy those melted cheese cravings for a fraction of the carbs. Simplicity is key for this keto-friendly pizza - finished yours with a few leaves of fresh basil to top off this age-old classic.  

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