Meal Plan | Our Veggie Favourites

Low-calorie veggie meals that even the biggest of meat lovers will enjoy

Whether you're consciously trying to consume less meat or just trying to up your fruit and veg, adding in some vegetarian meals to your weekly plan is a great shout! From veggie pizzas to breakfast ideas and even a super low-calorie veggie burrito, this week's meal plan is full of meat-free meals to get you inspired.

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Low-Carb Ricotta & Pesto Pizza

Monday Dinner: Low-Carb Ricotta & Pesto Pizza

Light, colourful and so, so delicious, this pizza will have you salivating. Eat outdoors in the sun (maybe with a glass of rosé) and close your eyes; you could be on a Mediterranean holiday, living the high life!

Full Recipe: Low-Carb Ricotta & Pesto Pizza

Low-Calorie Jalapeño Poppers

Tuesday Snack: Low-Calorie Jalapeño Poppers

Check out our super simple recipe for low-calorie cheese-stuffed peppers coated in our Southern Style Coating. Our's are baked in a hot oven in around 10 minutes and will be crispy and delicious with out being greasy or fatty. 

Full Recipe: Low-Calorie Jalapeño Poppers

Low-Cal Veggie Breakfast Stack

Wednesday Breakfast: 
Low-Cal Veggie Breakfast Stack

A great veggie sausage, grilled cheesy mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and wilted spinach fill up the layers of our savoury French toast stack. The whole thing is topped with a perfect fried egg, with an oozy runny yolk. This is breakfast turned up to 11 and with no meat in sight. 

Full Recipe: Low-Cal Veggie Breakfast Stack

Ultimate Green Veg Quiche

Thursday Lunch: 
Ultimate Green Veg Quiche

If you wanna delicious recipe that helps you get plenty of greens in, this quiche might just be the dish you are looking for. Four different green vegetables (feel free to mix and match) surrounded by a delicious, savoury cheesy-custard mix, all encased in your ever-trusty, low-carb pastry replacement, Lo-Dough.

Full Recipe: Ultimate Green Veg Quiche

Super Low-Calorie Veggie Burrito

Friday Dinner: 
Super Low-Calorie Veggie Burrito

You wanna make burritos as low-calorie as possible? Make them with Lo-Dough... that's the key ingredient change that will give you the lowest calorie outcome for the greatest possible taste and belly filling satisfaction. 

Full Recipe: Super Low-Calorie Veggie Burrito

Pesto Eggs On Lo-Dough Cheese Toasts

Saturday Breakfast: Pesto Eggs On Lo-Dough Cheese Toasts

Pesto eggs on toast are a fantastic tasting breakfast/brunch dish, suddenly finding online popularity. By frying your eggs in pesto rather than plain oil, you are jacking up the flavour to a new level. But for low-carbers, the toast presents an issue. That's where Lo-Dough comes in - our cheese toasts sit perfectly under the herby, moreish eggs and at just a couple of carbs per portion are perfect for a low-carb or ketogenic (keto) diet.

Full Recipe: Pesto Eggs On Lo-Dough Cheese Toasts

Lo-Dough Waffles & Mixed Fruit With NKD Living Syrup

Sunday Breakfast: Lo-Dough Waffles & Mixed Fruit With NKD Living Syrup

Cooking isn't just about flavour marriages. Certain products perfectly go together nutritionally too and for low-carb baking, combining the low-carb, fibre-packed powerhouse of Lo-Dough with the brilliantly low-sugar and sugar free products of NKD Living is one way ticket to healthy baking success. 

Full Recipe: Lo-Dough Waffles & Mixed Fruit With NKD Living Syrup

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