12 Best Batch Cooking Dinner Recipes

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or trying to get ahead with some meal prep, batch cooking recipes is a great way to organise your meals and reduce food waste. All of the recipes found below are reduced-calorie, low in carbs and provide you with a healthy boost in fibre. 


Low Carb Pizza Base

More servings from just one base

Although Lo-Dough bases are perfect for pizzas, toasties, and wraps, you can also get several servings out of one base. Recipes like quiches, tarts and pies only require one base, yet provide you with up to 4 servings. Want to bulk out a gratin or traybake? Add some of our Southern Style Coating. It’s fibre-rich, gluten-free, and adds another level of seasoning to your dishes. 


Veg & Chorizo Gratin

Vegeterian Chorizo Gratin

Top this colourful gratin with a mix of our Southern Style Coating and Parmesan for a proper tasty, low carb topping. 

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Low Cal Quesadillas

Low Calorie Quesadillas

Top tip: cook-off a big batch of this shredded chicken or black bean chilli, as it can be used in these quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, chilli bowls and more! Just freeze the main mix in portions and defrost when you need it.  

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The Lo-Dough Chicken Parmo

chicken parmo low carb

A ‘Boro classic with a healthier twist. To get ahead of the game, bread several chicken breasts with our Southern Style Coating at once and freeze to make preparing this recipe even quicker. 

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Chicken & Mushroom Pudding

chicken and mushroom pie

Puddings are the epitome of comfort food, and by substituting the usual pastry for a Lo-Dough base, you can reduce carbs by up to 90% while losing nothing on the flavour front. The filling can be batch cooked as a stew and one of these puddings will serve up to four people. 

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Deep Dish Ragu Pizza

Deep dish pizza

The deep-dish pizza is synonymous with Chicago and thick, doughy bases. We have put a Lo-Dough spin on this icon - we’ve kept the rich ragu filling while reducing the carbs of the base, and it’s delicious! 

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Deep Dish Ragu Pizza


Low Carb Veggie Gratin 

Low Carb Vegeterian Gratin

A delicious veggie-friendly crowd pleaser. This is a really simple and healthy recipe which you can customise yourself with your favourite veg or whatever you find in your fridge! 

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Veggie Enchiladas 

Vegetarian Enchiladas

This low calorie, Mexican-inspired recipe is easy to make, requires only a few cupboard essentials and tastes even better the day after. Top tip: try freezing these after making and when you fancy one, take out in the morning to defrost - making dinnertime even easier, and more delicious 

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Ham & Leek Pudding

Ham and leek pudding

Creamy ham & leek pudding - an incredible comfort food classic made deliciously low calorie, low carb and high-fibre with a Lo-Dough base as the pastry. 

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Low Carb Lasagne

Low carb lasagne

Swap out the carb-heavy lasagne sheets for Lo-Dough bases to make this family favourite low carb friendly. This is another recipe that tastes even better the day after, so don’t be afraid to make a big batch and freeze. 

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Low Cal Enchiladas

low calorie enchiladas

This recipe is written for 2 servings but can easily be scaled up or down depending on the number of mouths you’re feeding. It’s ready in under an hour and is pretty much the perfect healthy weekend dinner. 

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Low Cal Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

Veggie deep dish pizza

A whole veggie deep dish pizza for just 258 calories? You read correctly. This recipe would be perfect to share between two, or alternatively, save half and reheat for lunch the day after.

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Beef & Stout Pie

Beef and stout pie

Wholesome, warming and full of flavour! This classic pie combination works wonders with an egg-washed Lo-Dough pie topper, which helps lower the calories and carbs significantly. 

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