Seasonal Summer Recipes For May

Check out our seasonal May recipes - low carb meals to enjoy as summer approaches

As summer approaches you may be looking for recipes to help fit into your pre-summer diet. Whether following a low-carb or low-calories approach, Lo-Dough has everything you need to continue enjoying delicious, indulgent food whilst sticking to whatever dietary plan you follow. 

Summer recipes call for a lighter touch, but that doesn't mean they should be any less tasty and indulgent. Pizza, as ever, is always on the menu with Lo-Dough, as are pastries, Mexican classics and fantastic BBQ ideas. With the lighter weather comes naturally lighter food - fantastic asparagus, broad beans and peas, alongside salad veg packed with sunshine. These can all be incorporated into Lo-Dough dishes and/or served alongside them.

Recipes to make in May:

Low carb pizza - the perfect weeknight dinner for May

Pizza is the perfect, indulgent platform to show of the best ingredients May has to offer. Check out some of the fantastic pizza recipes below for lighter, greener/veg-loaded pizzas that still pack a cheesy, delicious punch. Any one of these would make a perfect, quick, weeknight dinner for May.

Low calorie quiche - One of many great recipes to make in May

Our quiche is perfect summer food. Light, served at room temperature and quick and simple to make, this is no fuss dining that’s ideal at any time of the day. Fillings are yours to choose - below we offer a few inspirational ideas more as a jumping off point - be sure to make them all your own. Don’t forget, one quiche makes four portions (or two if you are hungry), so means you get a ready made lunch or dinner for another day.

Low Calorie Quiche - Asparagus


Low Calorie Quiche - Caramelised Garlic


Low Calorie Quiche - Mixed Vegetables


Mexican Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

We couldn’t leave Cinco de Mayo out of this blog - it gives us a great chance to show off our favourite low-calorie Mexican recipes. Well, low calorie and low-carb Mexican recipes - with Lo-Dough you can make Mexican food fit your diet.

Low Calorie Veggie Quesadillas

Low Calorie Beef Enchiladas

Low Calorie Fish Taco


Low carb BBQ - recipes for the May bank holiday weekend

Using low-dough as the replacement for bread at your bbq, means the barbecue will be low-carb, keto friendly, dramatically lower in calories and gluten free. Lighter and less-bloaty than ordinary bread, our bases will still fill and satisfy you.

Low Calorie BBQ - Brisket Sandwich

Low Calorie BBQ - Hot Dog

Low Calorie BBQ - Burger