Quick and Easy Recipes With 5 Ingredients Or Less

Super quick and easy recipes that will keep you on plan

It’s always frustrating when you spend time searching for a recipe that tickles your fancy, only to find an ingredients list as long as your arm. But cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, some of the most delicious dishes contain the fewest ingredients. Because of this, we have compiled our best quick and simple meals and snacks with few ingredients - 5 or less to be exact. The perfect easy low calorie, low carb meals for when you're feeling lazy.

Lo dough bases

One base fits all. Lo-Dough bases fit into pretty much all diets as they are low calories, carbs, high in fibre, and sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free. One of the main benefits, however, is the incredible versatility, as they can be used to make hundreds of sweet and savoury dishes including pizza, pastry, cakes, wraps, toasties and more. 

Ham & Mushroom Pizza 

easy ham and mushroom pizza

Ham and Mushroom are two of the nation’s favourite pizza toppings and you can enjoy the whole one to yourself for just 300 calories - so you know this pizza is going to be a winner! 

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Four Cheese Toastie

Low carb Four Cheese Toastie

When you’re looking for something quickeasy and comforting, toasties are often just the thing. Whether you have yours with one of your favourite cheeses or four like we have here, it will still be low calorie, low carb, and utterly delicious. 

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Kimcheese Pizza

low carb kimchee pizza

South Korea’s fermented cabbage dish 'Kimchee' brings an incredibly complex, sour note to this pizza that works deliciously with the cheese. Kimchee is also a great pre-biotic food which works wonders for gut health. Win-win!

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White Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

low calorie white chocolate and raspberry brownies

White chocolate and raspberry is a classic flavour combination that will not disappoint. These are made deliciously low calorie with our Brownie Mix, meaning you can enjoy a whole brownie for under 100 calories.

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Beef, Tomato & Cheese Melt

low carb beef and tomato toastie

This recipe takes a matter of minutes to prepare and make and will be gone in seconds! A tasty, low carb lunch combination that is sure to warm your soul. 

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Southern Style Chicken

southern style chicken

Breaded and fried chicken is considered unhealthy due to the high levels of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. By swapping the unhealthy batter for our Southern Style Coating, you can reduce the calories, carbs and fat while keeping that delicious flavour. 

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Peanut Butter Glazed Brownies

peanut butter brownies

One for the peanut butter lovers! Chocolate brownies glazed with a topping of peanut butter all for under 100 calories each? You can't go wrong. 

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Lo-Dough Reviews

Coconut Macaroons 

low sugar coconut macaroons

Be careful, these are incredibly moreish. By blitzing up a Lo-Dough base and mixing it with desiccated coconut you can create these bites of joy - just 30 calories a pop. 

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Chorizo Sausage Rolls

keto chorizo sausage rolls

These chorizo sausage rolls are the ultimate keto friendly snack. They are so simple to make and contain little over 3g carbs each. Besides, everything is better with chorizo, right? 

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Sausage Roll Bites

low calorie sausage rolls

Not a massive fan of chorizo? No problem. We’ve made some more simple, tear-and-share versions of our sausage rolls which are equally as delicious. Just 67 calories each. 

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Boiled Egg & Cheesy Marmite Soldiers

marmite egg and soldiers

This recipe could convert all haters to lovers. A nostalgic breakfast which, by substituting a Lo-Dough base for your usual toast, is low in carbs yet and packs some serious flavour. 

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Cheese & Bean Pasty

cheese and bean toastie

When all else fails we can always rely on baked beans. This recipe is the definition of comfort food and all you need is beans, cheese, and a Lo-Dough base to make this low calorie pasty. 

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Pastrami Melt Toastie

pastrami melt toastie

A deli classic with a low carb twist. Pastrami is an often overlooked meat for sandwiches but in this quick and tasty toastie melt, it works an absolute treat. 

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Ham & Cheese Pan Sandwich

ham and cheese pan sandwich

Don’t own a toastie press? No worries! Pan Sandwiches are a simple and delicious alternative (that we think could be even better!). They are quick, comforting and can include as many or as few ingredients as you like. 

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Ham & Pineapple Pizza

ham and pineapple pizza

Whether you’re for or against pineapple on pizza; one thing that cannot be disputed is the ease in which this pizza can be made! Grab yourself some tinned pineapple and your favourite ham and you’re almost touching low-calorie pizza heaven.

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Blackberry & Raspberry Mug Cake

low calorie mug cake raspberry

What could be better than a low-calorie cake? One that is made in just 3 minutes! Lo-Dough breadcrumbs work brilliantly as a flour replacement that is low in both calories and carbs - all that’s left to do is add in your favourite fruits. 

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Low Carb Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese low carb

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight feast - is there ever a bad time to devour a grilled-cheese sandwich that's less than 350 calories? Perfect for Ketogenic diets, as you can enjoy the whole lot for little over 2g of carbs.

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