18 Incredible Veggie Recipes

Whether you’re looking to cut out meat completely, or just want to be more conscious of your consumption, reducing the amount of meat you’re eating has never been easier. The number of vegetarians and vegans in the UK continues to boom, and with it, a wealth of delicious meat substitutes and veggie-inspired meal options. Below you can find 18 of our tastiest veggie recipes ideas which will help to make plant-based dinners that bit easier (and delicious). 

Low calorie veggie recipes

Bake Hummus and Feta Flatbread

This middle-eastern style flatbread is a super-tasty, high-fibre dish and hits all the flavour notes you'd want in a meal.

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Low calorie Artichoke Pizza

Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

A high-fibre, veggie delight without the carbs and calories!

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Vegetarian quiche

High Fibre Veggie Quiche

Make Lunch A Gut-Friendly Powerhouse With This Incredible Veggie Quiche!

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Low calorie veggie pizza

Low Calorie Veggie Supreme Pizza

Eating the rainbow has never been so easy or delicious. Tasty vegetarian pizza in just 15 minutes.

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Veggie Cheeseburger Pizza

Veggie Cheeseburger Pizza

The Pizza That Tastes Like The Best Burger Ever!

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Veggie katsu curry

Veggie Katsu Curry

Get an incredible hit of fibre in one delicious veggie meal

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Low carb halloumi pizza

Low Carb Halloumi Pizza

This pizza is made for the keto diet!

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Low calorie mushroom pizza

Garlic Mushroom Pizza

Garlic Mushroom Heaven On A Pizza & All For 403 Calories and 8g of carbs...

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Spicy vegetarian pizza

Spicy Roast Veg Pizza

This spicy, low-calorie pizza is pretty much veggie heaven! 

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Veggie gratin

Low Carb Veggie Gratin

Comforting Family-Style Food. Incredible Flavour & Diet-Friendly.

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Low calorie paneer wrap

Low-Calorie Paneer Kebab

Tikka Look At This! Low-Calorie Kebabs Are Possible With Lo-Dough...

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Cauliflower Steak

Low-Calorie Paneer Kebab

Veggie Steak Heaven - Made Low-Carb With Our Southern Style Coating.

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Vegetarian bianca pizza

Aubergine Bianca Pizza

No Tomato, No Problem. This Low Carb Bianca Pizza Is The Stuff Of Veggie Dreams. Everything Is Better With Griddled Aubergine! 

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Vegetarian enchiladas

Veggie Enchiladas

Filling, Satisfying & Utterly Delicious, These Low-Calorie Enchiladas Are Just The Ticket For Family Meal Times. 

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Low carb cheese pizza

Low-Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Classic, Simple, Unbeatable... This Is The Low-Carb Pizza You've Been Looking For!

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Vegetarian beetroot pizza

Creamy Goat’s Cheese & Beetroot Pizza

Creamy, Earthy Deliciousness - The Perfect Low-Calorie Veggie Pizza 

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Low Calorie Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

Low-Calorie Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

A 268 Calorie Deep Dish Pizza? The Whole Thing?! Only If You Make It With Lo-Dough...

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Olive & Herb Fritters low calorie

Olive & Herb Fritters

A Low-Calorie Lunch That Tastes Like Sunshine!

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