20 Healthy Meals in Under 20 Minutes

For time-poor people who still want delicious, healthy grub.

Time can be a key deciding factor when it comes to mealtimes. No one likes discovering a delicious-looking recipe, only to find that it takes hours to make! Similarly, when we are busy and looking for convenience food, the options tend to be swamped with foods which are high in refined carbs and sugar or don't bear much nutritional benefit. Below you can find 20 of our tastiest recipes that take just 20 minutes or less to make. So it doesn't matter if you're in a rush or in need of quick post-workout fuel, you can still enjoy your favourite healthy and nutritious meals in a matter of minutes. 


    Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

    low calorie spinach pizza

    A delicious and healthy pizza recipe that is quick to make and provides your gut with a healthy boost in fibre.

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    Veggie Burger Pizza

    low calorie veggie pizza

    Like taking a bite out of a Big Mac, only without the added calories and carbs. We've made ours with pieces of crumbled meat-free burger on top so this one is veggie-friendly.

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    Spicy Chorizo & Mixed Veg Pizza

    low carb chorizo pizza

    The perfect pizza for those who prefer the spicier things in life. Thinly sliced chorizo, mixed veg and topped off with jalapenos - this low carb pizza packs some heat! 

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    Feta Roast Veg Toastie

    low carb feta roast toastie

    A tray of roasted vegetables makes the perfect toastie and quiche fillings, as well as pizza toppings. If you don't have a toastie press, not to worry. You could recreate this recipe in a pan with a little spray oil. Check out our pan sandwich recipe for more info. 

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    Halloumi Pizza

    low carb halloumi pizza

    Halloumi isn't the number one cheese you think of when someone mentions pizza - but trust us, it works a treat! By making your pizza with a Lo-Dough base, you can make delicious, keto-friendly pizzas in no time.

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    Four Cheese Toastie

    low carb four cheese toastie

    There's no such thing as too much cheese, which is why we used four different types. This is the ultimate quick comfort meal - an all for just 3g carbs.

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    Beef & Cheese Melt

    low carb beef and cheese toastie

    Cold meats are always a great thing to have in the fridge, whether you use them in a wrap, toastie, pizza, and more. We've put a delicious low calorie, low carb twist on this deli classic. 

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    Banh Mi Wrap

    low calorie wrap banh mi

    This wrap is packed full of Vietnamese-inspired flavours, but not calories. By swapping the traditional french bread for a Lo-Dough base, you can cut calories in half and reduce carbs by up to 90%. 

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    Keto Blue Cheese & Salami Pizza

    keto pizza blue cheese

    This pizza is a keto dream. The creamy Gorgonzola and salami is a match made in heaven, finished off with a garlic crunch of crispy kale. Just 5g carbs for the whole pizza.

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    Cheese & Tomato Pizza

    Low carb cheese pizza

    You can't beat the classics. 

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    Goats Cheese & Beetroot Pizza

    Low calorie goat cheese beetroot pizza

    Goats cheese and beetroot is a tried, tested and really tasty combination, especially on pizza. A perfect veggie recipe for those wanting something quick and healthy while keeping the calories to a minimum.

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    Melting Chocolate Mug Cake

    low calorie chocolate mug cake

    You wouldn't believe us if we told you this melting chocolate mug cake was only 324 calories. Better still, it only takes 3 minutes in the microwave to make. Dessert, sorted.  

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    Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

    low calorie chocolate fudge cake

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    Mushroom & Pesto Pizza

    low carb mushroom pizza

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    Low Calorie Padana Pizza

    low calorie padana pizza

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    Puttanesca Pizza

    low carb puttanesca pizza

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    Low-Calorie Caprese Salad Wrap

    low calorie caprese salad wrap

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    Olive & Herb Fritters with Ratatouille

    Low calorie fritters

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    Croque Madame

    low carb croque madame

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    Goats Cheese & Apricot Jam Toastie

    low calorie toastie goats cheese

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