How To Make The Ultimate Lo-Dough Quiche

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-carb low-calorie flavour carrier, making it the perfect healthy quiche pastry. Discover how to make the ultimate lo-Dough quiche here.

Low Carb Lasagne Without The Pasta Sheets

Love lasagne but not the carbs? Lo-Dough bases contain just 2g of carbs each and can be used as the perfect pasta sheet replacement for your lasagne sheets. Find out how to make out low carb lasagne here.

Learn To Run A Kitchen Like A Pro

Lo-Dough's Top Tips For A Happier Kitchen! Check out our simple tips to improve your kitchen organisation - and ultimately your food. Make it with Lo-Dough.

How To Eat Pizza On A Low Carb Diet

Craving pizza is difficult when you are on a low carb diet. In this blog you will find some simple swaps and tips on toppings, sauces, and bases that will let you enjoy low carb pizza everyday.

Lo-Dough French Toast 101 - A step by step guide

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-carb, low-calorie breakfast ingredient - Here's a step by step guide to making perfect, super simple french toast recipes using Lo-Dough. Use this as a base recipe to unlock endless variations that will make your low calorie and low carb breakfasts sing.

How To Make Easy Low Carb Doughnuts Without A Fryer

Low-carb doughnuts? Simple recipe? Amazing Taste? Have we got your attention? Check out this latest blog giving you the lowdown on how to make incredible low-carb doughnuts.

Best Low Carb BBQ Ideas

Low carb BBQ ideas that are delicious and perfect for low-sugar/keto diets. Find everything you need for a healthy BBQ - from low carb bread alternatives to homemade low sugar desserts. Check out the ultimate guide to summer food without the carbs.

How To Make The Ultimate Low Calorie Cake with Lo-Dough's Vanilla Sponge Mix

Getting the most from your Lo-Dough Vanilla Sponge Cake. This healthy cake mix is tasty, ready for experimenting with and yet, low-calorie, low-carb and contains zero sugar. If you want to eat cake on a diet, read on!

The Easiest Low Calorie Brownies You'll Make

Making delicious, healthier brownies has never been easier. With our low-calorie Lo-Dough brownie mix, you can enjoy chunky, indulgent chocolate brownies for just 65 calories each using just two ingredients.

Making the perfect Pizza Sauce

Making your own sauce is simple and can be tailored to your tastes. Check out these fantastic pizza sauce recipes. Whether you go with New York Style or authentic Italian is up to you, but either way, your pizza will be delicious.

How To Make The Ultimate Lo-Dough Pizza

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-calorie, low-carb base that helps curb pizza cravings. Make healthy, delicious pizzas in under 15 minutes. Here's a step by step guide on how to make the ultimate Lo-Dough pizza.

How To Enjoy A Low-Calorie Afternoon Tea

Our top tips for making this classic treat as low-calorie as possible. An afternoon tea is a quintessential British treat and by making a few smart switches, you can still enjoy all the flavours of a classic Afternoon Tea without worrying about ruining your calorie deficit. Read our top tips here.

How To Make Low Carb Cheesecake With Lo-Dough

How To Make The Ultimate Lo-Dough Chicken

The quick and easy way to enjoy healthy breaded chicken. Lo-Dough Southern Style coating is your answer to the ultimate healthy homemade chicken Kiev's, fish and chips, breaded mushrooms and more. Here's how to make our ultimate low calorie chicken.

Stews, Casseroles & Slow Cooking

Serve your slow-cooked meals & stews with low-carb Lo-Dough instead of pastry potatoes and other carb-laden foods. Check out this amazing collection of slow-cook recipes all served alongside low-carb Lo-Dough!

A Nutritious Pumpkin Soup & Low-Cal Toasties To Serve With it

A hearty soup that's a doddle to make. Serve with Lo-Dough as a low carb bread side to keep the calories and carbs down and also for a huge fibre boost! Check out the recipe here.

The Secret Ingredient To Low-Calorie Pizza

Making the perfect Lo-Dough pizza doesn't mean you need to buy specific ingredients. Check out some of the great ingredient swaps you can make depending on what's available or what's in season.

Speedy Smoked Mackerel Pate (Step by Step)

A versatile recipe made from just five ingredients. Check out this smoked mackerel pate - massive flavour and no cooking required! Perfect to serve with Lo-Dough.

A Five Ingredient Casserole...

...That takes just five minutes to prepare! Simple, quick meals are the order of the day! Check out this simple stew with a few low-carb serving suggestions made with Lo-Dough.

A Cheap & Versatile Soup/Sauce

4 Ingredients can make for all kinds of potential! So simple and so versatile you've got to check this one out.

Knife Skills 101

Improving Your Kitchen Skills Will Make Your Cooking Quicker, More Creative & More Fun. The first in a series of guides designed to help you improve your cooking skills to help you prepare low-calorie Lo-Dough recipes to their absolute best. This guide focusses on knife skills.

Low-Calorie Pizza in 15 minutes

Making Low-Calorie Pizza Is Incredibly Quick & Incredibly Easy With Lo-Dough. Think making your own pizza is a hassle? Check out our latest blog on how to get pizza on your table in under 20 minutes.

Cooking Skills 101 (How To Cook A Steak)

Cooking A Perfect Steak Is Easy When You Know How! Lo-Dough is perfect for a low-calorie steak wrap. But how many of you know how to cook a steak properly? According to a recent survey, only half of you! So check out our guide here for the cooking perfect steak.

Dinner & Dessert For Under 500 Calories

A Low-Calorie Enchilada & A Low-Calorie Mug Cake... Yes Please! Check out the videos to help guide you through this perfect low-calorie meal.

The best way of hitting your 30g fibre a day

It’s time for protein and fats to move aside and fibre to take the spotlight. We’re frequently told that we need to eat more fibre as it can actually be more beneficial to our gut health.

How to eat a pizza a day to become a muscle model

Luke decided to completely transform his life and compete in a muscle model competition swapping the greasy takeaway pizza he ate every night for at least two Lo-Dough pizzas a day. Still eating pizza, Luke managed to lose weight, tone up and enter competitions. Click here to see his story.

Lo-Dough Pasty Perfection - A step by step guide

Lo-Dough makes a fantastic low-carb and low-calorie pie-style pastry replacement. Follow our pasty perfection guide and give one a go today.

Our hack to stay on track with your fitness this Christmas

Christmas is a great time to celebrate with your friends and family and forget about work! Unfortunately, some of us celebrate a little too much, we thought we would share our tips with you to help you stay on track during the holiday period.

Lo-Dough Brownie Perfection - A step by step guide

Lo-Dough is the ultimate low-carb, low-calorie product - once blitzed down to a crumb in a food processor or nutri-bullet, it becomes a versatile ingredient for making oven-baked brownies, blondies and other cakes. Learn how using this guide.

Lo-Dough Pizza 101 - Ultimate Do's and Don'ts

Let Lo-Dough show you not just how to make the best Low-Carb and Low-Calorie Pizzas with their unique Lo-Dough bases, but also how to make them badly - so you know what to avoid! Visit here if you are new to Lo-Dough or even if you are due a refresher course.

How to Make the Perfect Pizza for Under 500 Calories

Indulge in the nation's favourite meal without the high calorie content. Dieting or watching the pounds? So is two thirds of the British population. Here's how to do it on the Lo-Dough and still enjoy delicious

How to use Lo-Dough as a Pastry Alternative

Breaking the Myth - dieting doesn't mean missing out on the food you love Dieting is tough. Lo-Dough really is a breakthrough food. Tasty, filling and easy to use, it's everything pastry is and more

How to use Lo-Dough as a Bread Alternative

How can you use Lo-Dough as an alternative to bread? Make wraps, burgers, toasties as well as low fat pizza bases with this innovative new health food, and it tastes great too. See how it's done now.

How we use Lo-Dough to make thick and tasty American Style Pancakes

Containing no flour or gluten, Lo-Dough makes for the perfect pancake substitute. In fact, many would say that Lo-Dough is better than a traditional pancake due to its uncanny ability to soak up your favourite flavours.