17 Low-Carb Lunch Ideas | Lunches Under 10g Carbs

Low carb lunches that aren't salads

It's almost 1pm. Your belly is starting to rumble. You go to the shop to check out at the low carb lunch options, only to find that familiar disappointed feeling starting to sink in. Refrigerated shelves littered with meal-deal wraps, sandwiches, pasta; all packed with refined carbs... or a salad. Well, no more! We're here to tell you that reduced carb lunches can be exciting and delicious.

Your versatile low carb bread alternative. 

Swapping out your regular bread for a Lo-Dough base could reduce the carbs of your lunch by more than 90%, while also saving you some calories too. Opening up a world of delicious low carb wraps, toasties and other quick and easy lunch recipes. 

Low carb Lo-Dough pizza

Don't believe us, check out 17 of our best low carb lunch recipes, all of which are below 10g of carbs per serving and will most certainly blow that meal-deal out of the water. 

Halloumi Pizza

8g carbs per pizza

Low carb Halloumi Pizza

Halloumi on pizza? You heard right. Combined with fresh basil and back olives for a quick and easy low-carb taste sensation. 

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Feta and Roast Veg Wrap

7g carbs per wrap

Low carb vegetarian wrap

Get ahead of the game. Roast your favourite seasonal veg in a tray with all of your favourite herbs & spices and the result is healthy wrap fillings for the week's lunches.

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Chicken & Bacon Club Toastie

4g carbs per toastie 

Low carb chicken and bacon toastie

Toasties and pan sandwiches made with Lo-Dough are the ultimate low carb lunch recipe. They are quick and easy and can be filled with all of your delicious favourites. 

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Low-Carb Vegetable Gratin

9.5g carbs per serving

Low-Carb Vegetable Gratin Veggie dinners

This veg gratin works wonders as the main event, or as a tasty side for your lunch. Topped with a mix of our Southern Style Coating and parmesan - a match made in heaven. 

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Keto Breakfast Burrito

Keto breakfast burrito

Although a breakfast treat, this keto burrito would be a quick and delicious low carb lunch idea. All of your breakfast favourites in one delicious keto-friendly wrap. 

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Homemade Meatball Pizza

low carb Homemade Meatball Pizza

You've seen meatball subs, but what about a meatball pizza? You can use our Southern Style Coating to bind these mini meatballs, giving them a delicious spiced seasoning. This one is calling out for a weekend lunchtime treat.

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Low-Carb Banh Mi Wrap

9g carbs per wrap

low carb Banh Mi Wrap

This Vietnamese-inspired lunchtime wrap is bursting with sweet, sour and umani flavours. It's a party-in-your-mouth kind of sandwich which take a matter of minutes to make ahead of time.

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Garlic Mushroom Pizza 

8g carbs per pizza

low carb Garlic Mushroom Pizza

There are a few smells in this world that instantly induce one's mouth to water. The combination of garlic and mushrooms cooking is definitely one of them. Top tip: cooking off a load of garlic mushrooms and refrigerating them saves time and means they are quick and easy to put on a pizza or into other recipes. 

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Asparagus Quiche

3.3g carbs per quarter

low carb lunch Asparagus Quiche

Asparagus usually fits the mould of the forgotten side dish - often simply oven-roasted or fried. In this low carb recipe, it's the main event, and is truly delicious sat in your lunchbox with a fresh side salad.

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Low-Carb Steak Wrap

Low carb keto steak wrap

Thinly sliced, pink steak wrapped up tight with some fresh salad and balsamic dressing - the perfect protein-packed, low carb lunch. Check out our top tips for cooking the ultimate steak.

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Aubergine Bianca Pizza

8g carbs per pizza 

low carb vegetarian recipe Aubergine Bianca Pizza

No tomato, no problem. This Bianca pizza substitutes creamy creme fraiche in place of the usual tomato passata base. Resulting in a deliciously light, low-carb veggie pizza.

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Keto Four Cheese Toastie

3g carbs per toastie

keto toastie recipe Four Cheese

Sometimes you just want something quick and dirty(ish). This is that dish. Four different cheeses packed into a low carb Lo-Dough base. Think hangover cure and comfort food times 100.

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Low Carb Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Wrap

Low carb keto smoked salmon wrap

Super low carb and perfect brain food when you're working. This smoked salmon and cream cheese wrap can be whipped up in no time for a delicious and quick low carb lunch. 

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Brie & Mushroom Toastie

5g carbs per toastie

Low carb keto vegetarian toastie

This delicious veggie toastie is oozing with flavour (and cheese). Garlicky mushrooms, iron-rich spinach and perfectly melted brie. Better still it takes no time at all to create making it a great, healthy lunch idea.

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Tikka Paneer Kebab

9g carbs per wrap

low carb wrap Tikka Paneer Kebab

Swapping out the naan for a Lo-Dough base opens the door to a whole new world of low-carb kebabs. This homemade tikka marinade take only a few minutes to make and marries perfectly with grilled paneer. 

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American Hot Pizza

7g carbs per pizza

Low carb keto pizza spicy pepperoni

One for the spicy food lovers. We have taken this classic combo, kept the heat, and cut the carbs by around 90%. You can't beat pepperoni and jalapeños.

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Low-Carb Cubano Toasite

9g carbs per toastie

low carb Cubano toastie sandwich

The mighty Cuban sandwich is something to truly behold. And by ditching the usual bread roll, now low-carbers can enjoy this pork, swiss cheese, pickle and yellow mustard-filled beauty. A lunch of champions.

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